a friendly collaboration of handcrafted coffee, food, and bakery tucked away in the Hamline Midway neighborhood of St Paul

— open 7a-9p daily —
1340 Thomas Ave, St Paul, MN 55104
651-645-6466 | info@groundswellmn.com



A note from Seth McCoy, one of the owners of Groundswell…

Groundswell Coffee began the resurrection project of the coffeeshop at 1342 Thomas Ave in December of 2009. We scraped together as much money as we could, asked a bunch of our friends to volunteer their time at the espresso machine, and opened Groundswell Coffee. We committed ourselves to local high quality coffee roasters, and to source everything we reasonably could from the Twin Cities. We invited musicians who could play for free, offered our walls to local artists, and installed a patio with our own money.

In September of 2011, calamity struck in the form of a collapsed ceiling. We closed our doors, hoping we could make the necessary repairs and reopen. It took us three months, but we were able to transform our dilapidated space into a clean, bright space to gather our neighbors again. Realizing that volunteer baristas could only take us so far, we transitioned to a completely paid staff. We also partnered with Dogwood Coffee to train our baristas with the expertise of the best roasters and baristas in the Twin Cities. Groundswell has been a labor of love, with my co-owner Tim and me pouring in our time and money to keep the doors open while working other jobs.

In December of 2012, our good next-door neighbors Borealis Yarns closed their doors after nine years on the corner. We weren’t sure what to do. We were sad to see them go, and a little concerned over what kind of tenant would take the space and how our community would change on this corner. At the same time, we had been dreaming with some friends about building a bakery and food kitchen, and offering local craft beer and wine, but our space was too small. We had been listening to our neighbors, wishing we all had a local place, owned by neighbors, that we could walk to with our kids, enjoy a good meal including a beer, and spend time with our old and new neighbors.

In January of 2013, we signed the lease and began the buildout. We opened our new place May 31 2013 and are proud to bring you the new Groundswell. We hope you enjoy it and share it with others.


Groundswell is an experiment in…


Foods have inherent flavors, aromas, layers, and chemistry that we respect and love to play with. We think creating and serving food is an art form that brings people together!


The difference between good food and great food is in the details. Grams, ounces, volumetrics, and degrees matter to food and drink, so they matter to us! Close is not good enough.


We are a human community that is interdependent. Our ethic of connection leads us to find sources that are fair to workers (fair trade), thoughtful about the integrity of the food (organic), and concerned with the ecology we leave for the next generation (sustainable).


[down-to-earthiness]. Humility comes from the root word for human, which means dirt. We remember that even though we care about creating excellent food and drink, we do that from a humble corner in a down-to-earth neighborhood of St Paul.


We will keep our space and menu options creative and simple. We will do a few things well.


We will enjoy what we do and how we do it. When it is no longer fun, we will stop.


We wanted our space to bring a sense of new school style alongside the historic roots of this building. We restored the original hardwood floors, left the original tin ceiling and radiators exposed, and opened up the space to be more like its original floor plan. We also reclaimed wood from the basement to build our bar and counters.

Hamline-Midway neighbor and artist Marc LeMaire built each of our tables out of reclaimed Douglas Fir from Wisconsin, and we decorated our walls with prints from local artists Adam Turman and Brian Geihl. Our friends at Chroma Design and Screen Printing provided us with our awesome logo. And our featured metal sign above our beer taps, as well as our signage outside, were all hand cut by friends and Groundswell staff.

We love sharing good food and drinks with our neighbors and friends in such a laid-back and warm space. We hope you feel at home and inspired here too!



1340 Thomas Ave
St Paul, MN 55104



We accept reservations for 4-12 people and request 24 hours notice. Room reservations for parties and/or 12+ people may be available for a small fee. Chat with us and let’s figure it out!


Coffee and baked goods are available for pick up for your special events, with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Contact us for current pricing and availability.


Our staff are seriously awesome. Interested in joining us? Check about current openings by emailing us your resume.

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